Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anti Mage Armor Set


A weapon and armor set for Anti-Mage from DOTA 2.

Rough Coloring and Deformations on most of the armor


3 new directions..debating which way to go.

A little more detail on this one updated:

ZBrush Roughed Out:

Adding Color Still finalizing the look for some of the plugs and the wires.

Still playing with some style preferences and decided to add some more detail.

What the current paint job looks like on the full weapon.

Zbrush: Getting Started

Low Rez Tri Counts:         High Rez Tri Counts:
  • Head                     245                                      291                         
  • Shoulders              337                                      443
  • Arms                     446                                      594
  • Weapon                340                                      400
  • Armor                   598                                      948
  • Belt                       250                                      449